Activity 4

The main objective of this WP is to experimentaly validate available soil moisture products from ASCAT/SMOS/Sentinel-1 for RSMN qualification and SSM assessment over Romania.


  • Validation schemes definition – Based on a thorough investigation of the state of the art in SSM validation, on the specifications of the RSMN in T3.2, and on the user requirements in T2.1, validation schemes for the ASCAT/SMOS/Sentinel-1 soil moisture products will be defined;
  • Data collection – Collect and prepare satellite and in-situ observational data from the satellite soil moisture products providers, the agro-meteorological network and RSMN. Satellite data prior to the start of RSMN data aquisition will only be considered if historical soil moisture in-situ data from the agro-meteorological network will be found to satisfy the validation requirements;
  • Validation module design & Implementation – Design and Implementation of the experimental validation module and processing chain based on the validation schemes defined in T3.1;
  • Validation execution – The module will be run on at least 1 year of oservation data (satellite & in-situ). If Sentinel-1 will not have been launched and commissioned at this time, the execution of this task for Sentinel-1 will be started in WP5, as soon as data will be available
  • Validation results evaluation – Evaluate the performance of the validated satellite moisture products from ASCAT/SMOS/Sentinel-1 compared with in-situ data from RSMN and the national agrometeorological network.


  • Validation Scheme Definition Report;
  • Data Archive – Continously from;
  • Validation Module Design Document;
  • Validation Module Implementation Document;
  • Validation Execution Report;
  • Validation results document.


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