Activity 6

The overall scope of this WP is to insure information exchange between the potential users and the project consortium, between RSMN and ISMN and the project consortium and the public at large.


  • Participation in ISMN – RSMN will contribute soil moisture and temperature data to the ISMN. For this purpose, a cooperation agreement will be signed and a data exchange protocol will be implemented by both sides. Automatic file transfer will be implemented and tested between the RSMN server and ISMN. Participation of Romania in the ISMN will continue after completition of ASSIMO Project;
  • Dissemination Activities – Inform potential users, scientific community, the public at large on the progress & results of the project.


  • Cooperation Agreement between NMA and ISMN;
  • Data exchange protocol between NMA and ISMN. ;
  • Data transfer module;
  • Dissemination Materials/Actions.
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